Friday, January 19, 2018
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School Visit: Queens High School

Chillin & Chips for Champs - School Visit 
Queens High School

Interview by: Sherie Ranston
Photos: Ryan Hohn 


Jessicca Olivia Noble
15 years old
Class 3 - 200m, Long Jump, 4x100m, 4x400m
Favorite Grace Product: Vienna Sausage

It was in Jessicca's final year of Dunrobin Primary in grade 6 that this 5ft 9" long-legged athlete participated in sports day and won all her races for her house. Discovered by Coach Clarke, Head Coach for Queen's High School, Jessicca was invited to enroll at the school and accepted. For approximately 2 years, Jessicca was trained in the area of track. Entering Class 4, Coach Clarke introduced her to Long Jump. In Champs 2010, she placed 9th overall and repeated this pattern again at Champs last year. Despite her personal self doubt, Coach Clarke has all the confidence in Jessicca. She participated in the Carifta Trials this year, placing third overall in Long Jump for under 17 girls. Her chances of making the team is dependent on the outcome of Champs this year, which means she needs to grab at least a top 2 placement.. She admires Rusheen Reid, a fellow teammate who is amazing at Long Jump.

Rusheen Reid
18 years old
Class 1 - 100m, 100hurdles, Triple Jump, Long Jump
Favorite Grace Products: Vienna Sausage & Tropical Rhythms

Rusheen reflects on Champs 2011 with disappointment and deep regret, as her performance was not what she had hoped for and accepts responsibility for her lack of preparation. Rusheen has always seen herself as a sprinter, but with hurdles being her 'pet' event, she was more focused on thriving at hurdles. This will be her first year competing in the 100m flat and she is excited. Blessed with the necessary aggression and starter speed as observed by her Coach, Rusheen is a good jumper. This modest athlete is prepared to pour her all into her jumps and will leave it to see what will happen at Champs 2012. The thought of this being her final year at Champs saddens her. She is however pleased to have left her mark, earning for herself, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal for Champs 2006, while attending St. Andrew High, having transferred to Queen's High in 2010. Rusheen says it is not easy to medal at this high level of competition and so having done so three times, she is happy. Rusheen admires Shelly-Ann Fraser and Bridgette Foster. Shelly-Ann, for her form and Bridgette because of her passion for hurdles and enjoys watching her compete.

Renee Mclarty
18 years old
Class 1 - 200m, 400m
Favorite Grace Product: Corned Beef

Renee's very first experience at Champs at the high school level was one of shock. Completely overwhelmed with nerves, she failed to make it to the finals. Her performance at Champs over the years has been up and down due in part to the fact that she also plays Netball for three years and counting. This meant that Renee had to find a balance between her academics, track and netball, which has proved to be very difficult. It being her final year at Champs, Renee, decided to relinquish netball so she could focus more on track. She has been training harder and just wants to do her best and earn points for Queen's. She hopes to run at least a 24.50m in the 200m and at least a 57.50m in the 400m, which will hopefully land her in the finals. Renee really admires Shelly-Ann Fraser for her confidence and determination as an athlete. Failing a career in track, Renee wants to become an Accountant and someday manage her own business.

Shadea Fulwood
17 years old
Class 2 - 100m, 4x100m, 4x400m

Shadea is reluctant to speak about herself and thoughts or feelings concerning Champs. Even though Queen's has not been a dominant player over the years, she admits to having enjoyed the experience it has afforded her personally for the last two years. With some amount of unease, she expresses that the team is not very cohesive as it could be, as" the 'classes' tend to stick with each other" she says, glancing in the direction of her teammates. Personally, she would like to medal in the 100m this year for Class 2. Shadea is not a quitter, so if she fails this year, nonchalantly she says, "there is always next year to train harder". Shadea has no long term goals and would like to simply focus on passing her CXC examinations so as to progress to lower six form.



Jhanique Clarke
14 years old
Class 3 - 200m, 400m
Favorite Grace Product: Loves everything Grace!

Jhanique explains that Champs for some reason makes her extremely nervous, she is unable to say for sure if it's the crowd or the fact that it's televised. Additionally, the firing of the gun sends her nerves soaring at an all time high, even though it's the same gunfire that occurs at local track meets, where she remains unaffected by its thunderous sound. This year, Jhanique realizes that she has to overcome her fear and find her focus. Whilst she favors the 200m, she will be doing her utmost best to qualify for the semis and progress to the finals. Jhanique admires each and every athlete that has represented Jamaica and credits them all for simply trying.



Avery Campbell
12 years old
Class 4 - 100m, 200m
Favorite Grace Product: Vienna Sausage

Avery is very close to her Dad who is her biggest supporter. He has explained that Champs is the biggest competition of its kind in the world, attracting worldwide attention. She admits this awakening has created some tension and nerves for her. Her Dad is very excited to see her compete, with this expectation she feels a slight pressure but realizes it's all apart of it. Displaying a quiet demeanor, Avery says she does not like the attention and excitement that is characteristic of Champs. So as to try and calm herself, she is choosing to just not think about it, tuning it all out. Her Coach says she has a really good start and since she is not a fan of the 200m, she would like to do well at the 100m. Avery admires her father, who despite being hard on her at times, to the point where she feels like quitting, is very involved in her track career, making a constant effort to find out how it's going and ways to help her improve. With her new Coach, she is happy with the level of training he offers. This will be Avery's first year at Champs at the high school level.














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