Friday, January 19, 2018
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School Visit: Manchester High

Chillin & Chips for Champs - School Visit 
Manchester High

Interview by: Sherie Ranston
Photos: Ryan Hohn 



Sidney Marshall
13 years old
Class 4 - 70m hurdles, 100m, 4x100m
Favorite Grace Product: Corned Beef

Prior to attending Manchester High, Sidney represented Belair at Prep Champs. In her first year of prep Champs, she came 3rd in the 150m and 3rd in the 300m and was completely traumatized by her poor performance due in part to preparation for GSAT which impacted her training sessions. Sidney excelled at her examinations and was awarded a space at Manchester High. It was always her goal to represent the school at Champs as a sprinter, but Mrs. Deon Hemmings Macatty, former Olympian who now assists with the team's training encouraged her to give hurdles a try. Sidney admits to not being in love with it but competed and placed 3rd at her very first Champs last year. Repeating Class 4, Sidney is more confident she can take the gold this year. Placing 3rd at Gibson Relays, Sidney is also positive that her team will place in the finals for the 4x100m. Sidney admires Deon Hemmings Macatty, her assistant coach and the first female individual gold medalist for Jamaica in the 400m hurdles for women and Kaliese Spencer from the MVP Track Club. This will be Sidney's second year competing at Champs.


Danielle Thompson
13 years old
Class 3 - 200m, 400m, 4x100m
Favorite Grace Product: Ketchup

Danielle is a former student of Mount St. Joseph. In her final year at Prep Champs, to her surprise made it to the finals for the 300m placing 5th with her personal best time of 43.64seconds. The same year she won Champion Girl for UWI, Over the Distance Covenant Track Meet, after competing in the 150m and the 400m races. Danielle passed for Manchester High with a 97.5% average and was hopeful for a scholarship, but lost it to a student who scored higher. At Champs last year, she made it to the semi-finals but failed to qualify for the finals for the 200m in Class 4. She also competed in the 100m but again fell short for the finals, admitting she is not very fond of that event. This year, she was the overall winner for the 200m, running a time of 24.8 seconds at The Kirkvine Invitational . Recently, she has missed a few training sessions due to hamstring injuries and though not feeling 100% she is prepared to do her best at Champs this year. She is hoping to medal in the 200m and worse case, at least qualify for the finals. This will be her second year competing. She admires her mom, who is a very strong support system and naturally puts Danielle first.


Anna-Kay West
16 years old
Class 2 - 100m, 200m, 100m hurdles, 4x100m

Anna-Kay has been involved in track from as early as basic school and is very familiar with the sport as both her parents are former athletes. She was awarded a space at Manchester High after sitting her GSAT examinations and recalls her last 5 years of Champs as being great. In her first year representing the school Anna-Kay recalls her relay team falling short of the finals due to a baton mishap with both the 1st and 2nd leg for Class 4. She placed 4th in the heats for the 70m hurdles. For Anna-Kay, a series of mishaps have deprived her from qualifying for the finals at Champs over the years but accepts the experience as being valuable. Anna-Kay says she is persistent and is prepared to execute so as to make it pass the semi-finals this year, insistent on simply doing her best. Anna-Kay admires both her parents and thinks that whilst neither of them competed professionally, like herself, they enjoyed participating in the sport overall.


Annastacia Forrester
15 years old
Class 3 - Long Jump & High Jump
Favorite Grace Product: Vienna Sausage

Annastacia was recruited to Manchester High by Coach Powell. She has been representing Manchester High for the last three years at Champs. In her first year she failed to medal. The following year she earned a gold medal for the high jump and a bronze for the long jump in Class 4. At her third Championship, she placed 3rd in the high jump but failed to medal in the long jump. This year she is resolute, going for the gold in both events, hoping to break the record for both, of 5.55m in the Long Jump and 1.75m for the High Jump. Annastacia was a former 400m sprinter and made the Caribbean Union of Teachers Team and was introduced to Long and High Jump. It was here she realized she was a natural at both events and eagerly made the transition. She has the greatest admiration for fellow teammate. Chanice Porter who always encourages her to go for what she wants, which she herself does and is hoping to be just like her fellow teammate jumper.


Oshane Burrell
17 years old
Class 1 - 200m, 400m, 4x100m, 4x400m
Favorite Grace Product: Vienna Sausage

Oshane is a former student of Porus High School who transferred to Manchester High in 2009. He had to sit-out Champs his first year, as a transfer so did not compete in 2009. In 2010 he represented Jamaica at the CAC Championships injury free and also significantly improved his p.r of 11.02 for the 100m and 22.45 seconds for the 200m in his first year of Class 2, crediting the training at Manchester High for the improvement. Last year Oshane said his relay team surprised everyone and medaled in the 4x400m Open placing 2nd. He also improved on his time for the 200m despite not qualifying for the finals. In June last year, he ran the 400m at the Junior trials and placed 2nd behind his teammate Lennox Williams but unfortunately didn't make the World Youth Team for France though he had a p.r in the 400m for under 18 boys. His goal this year is to qualify for the finals and medal. Similarly he and his teammates for the relay team would like to make the finals and win this event. Oshane admires Asafa Powell for his calm temperament and outstanding performance.


Omar MCleod
17 years old
Class 1 - 110m hurdles, 400m hurdles, 4x100m, 4x400m
Favorite Grace Product: Tin Mackerel

Omar passed for Manchester High after sitting his GSAT examinations. In his first 2 years at the school he suffered groin injuries and was unable to train for the team and admits that his interest in the sport was not very strong. In his third year he still had groin injuries but decided to commit to the sport. In his very first year at Champs, he ran the medley and made the finals placing 5/6th overall, he doesn't quite remember. It was in 2010, he made his first Carifta Team with the 110m hurdles for Class second year Class 2. he placed 2nd at Champs for the 110m hurdles and also made the CAC Team after Carifta, placing 1st in the 100m hurdles. In 2011 he again made the Carifta Team, which he deemed an impressive season as he added 400m hurdles to his list of events and ended victorious at Carifta Trials. Last year at Champs, he only competed in the 110m hurdles and thee 4x400m relay. Later that year Omar won the 400m at Carifta and made the World Youth Team for France and competed in both the 100m hurdles, placing 4th and the 400m hurdles placing 7th. Omar says his relay team has been winning all season and been dominating his single events. Omar also accomplished 2 records at Central Champs this year and made the Carifta team again and is looking forward to dominate his events at Champs 2012. He admires David Oliver from team USA and Dayron Robles from Cuba.


Lennox Williams
17 years old
Class 1 - 400m, 4x400m
Favorite Grace Product: Tin Mackerel

Lennox passed his GSAT and has been attending Manchester High for the last 5 years. This will be his 4th year representing the school at Champs. In second year Class 3 he earned his very first medal placing second in the 400m. In 2010 he earned a gold medal for the 400m for his first year in Class 2. Lennox continued this upward trend and secured his second gold medal again in the 400m and a silver in the 4x400m relays for his final year in Class 2. This year Lennox is hoping to run his personal best of breaking the .47 seconds barrier. He is also ready to represent Jamaica a second time at the Carifta Games. He is aiming to make both the CAC Team for San Salvador and the World Junior Team for Barcelona.


Chanice Porter
17 years old
Class 1 - High Jump, Long Jump

Chanice will be representing Manchester High for the 6th time and recalls 2010 as being an amazing year as she broke the long jump record with a score of 6.43meters for Class 2. In 2011 she placed 2nd in both events at Champs. That same year Chanice won her long jump and placed 3rd in the high jump for under 17 girls at the World Youth Championships. She is unsure if she has made the Carifta Team and is awaiting confirmation. For Champs this year, Chanice would like to improve on her time of 6.43m in the Long Jump and to place in the top 3 for the high jump event. She is also hoping to make the World Junior Team and ultimately win the long jump event. She admires long jumper Brittney Reese from Team USA. Chanice was introduced to jumping by her former high school coach Mr. Jerry Holness.















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