Friday, January 19, 2018
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Holmwood Technical makes eight in a row

By: Kimesha Walters
The girls’ team of Holmwood Technical came out to defend their title at the ISSA GraceKennedy Boy’s and Girls’ Championship, with their “Craab up Ting” Hairstyle, and it seemed to have worked wonders.
Shanice McPherson, a student of the school, and a member of the track team explained that the hairstyle represents the warrior –like nature of the team. 
The school has been winning the Girls’ Championships every year since 2003, and with hard work and dedication, the girls did it again. 
The girls were still celebrating over half hour after they sealed their victory by completing the 4x400 metre Relay Open, and defied predictions that Edwin Allen High School from Clarendon would beat them for the top spot.

Déjà vu- Inaugural Boys’ Champs winner cops victory at Champs 2010

By: Kimesha Walters
Wolmers’ Boys School did it in 1910, and on the 100th anniversary of that win, the Boys from Heroes Circle did it again. 
The curtain came down on a jam packed National Stadium, on the final day of Champs 2010, leaving the crowd in a frenzy.
As the starting gun was fired for the final race – the Boys 4x 400 metre Relay Open, all the spectators were on their feet, cheering, screaming, jumping and shouting with all their might- as if all their energy was bottled up for the ultimate race.
As the boys came around to the final 100 metres, the spectators erupted in a thunderous applause that sent the blood rushing. And when they crossed the finish line, it sheer happiness as the Wolmers’ Boys hugged and congratulated each other, then sped across the football field with their banner.
The victory is the first since 1956, and each Wolmerian must be filled with pride and happiness to know that their title has been returned. 


Long time Champs fan says the event is different, but still competitive

By: Kimesha Walters
“It’s fantastic, it’s a lot different now, but it’s still very exciting and competitive, that hasn’t changed,” admitted Christopher Bovell as he reminisced on his last Champs in 1955, and compared it to this year’s event.
Christopher Bovell’s last visit to Champs (at Sabina Park) came when he was a student at Munro College, as the External Director of GraceKennedy his status has also changed.
He was out supporting his team on the final day of Champs, but indicated that if his team did not win, he would like Wolmers’ Boys School to be victorious. 
“For them to win now in 2010 it would be fantastic,” he said, adding that Wolmers’ Boys School won the first Boys’ Champs in 1910.
Chillin-The official drink of Champs 2010


Back at Champs after over five decades

By: Kimesha Walters
Over fifty years. That’s how long it has been since GraceKennedy External Board Member Gordon Sharp went to Champs. But after hearing of the excitement and the vibes that Champs 100 would bring, he could not miss this year’s staging of the ISSA GraceKennedy sponsored event.
“It’s lovely, it’s fantastic, beautiful, well organized and the competition is a lot more serious,” said Sharp, comparing this year’s event to his last trip to Champs in the 1950s.
Sharp said he never competed in any events, but was always supporting his school Munro College.  He noted that many things have changed since the last time he was at Champs, but expressed appreciation for all of them. 
He said there are better times for the athletes, they are in better condition and there is more professionalism.
Sharp was uncertain about being present at Champs next year, but exclaimed, “I certainly would like to be!”
Chillin: The official drink of Champs 100


Former student of Manning’s School vows to get his alma mater to Champs 2011

By: Kimesha Walters
Being at Champs after four conjures up a feeling of nostalgia for Leroy Bookal, as he recalls the years that his alma mater won the Girls’ Championships. 
The GraceKennedy Board Director shared his views on the ISSA GraceKennedy Boys’ and Girls’ Championships, while sitting in the Grandstands on Day 4- the final day of competition for Champs 100.
 “It’s very exciting,” Bookal said of the 100th staging of the annual event. He looked away uneasily to check on one of the races that was taking place, while he was being interviewed.  
“I wasn’t an athlete but I was always supportive of my athletes and my school,” he said, noting that being at champs evokes many memories for him. Memories of his alma mater Manning’s School dominating the 1966 Girls’ Championships, the last time he went to Champs, and thoughts of those who did well and got scholarships.
He lamented the fact that his school was not performing at the event this year, and vowed to get them back next year, when he hopes to be in the stands once again.
“My goal is to see Manning’s here next year and I’m going to do everything possible to get them here,” he said.

Chillin: The official drink of Champs 100


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