Friday, January 19, 2018
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School Visit: Convent of Mercy

Like A Champion 360 "Chillin & Chips for Champs" 
Campaign School Visit: Convent of Mercy

Interview by: Sherie Ranston
Photos: Ryan Hohn  


Kimberly Golding

19 years old
Defending Champion for Class1- Hurdles
Favorite Grace product: Hominy Porridge

Kimberly was originally a sprinter, transitioned to Long Jump which is where her real strength lies. Kimberly challenged herself further by trying High Jump with little training in the sport for the first time last year, placing 5th. She is hopeful about a promising career in Sports, ultimately securing a scholarship to university abroad. Kimberly greatly admires Shermaine Williams (who successfully secured a sponsorship with Addidas) and Nikiesha Wilson both former students of Alpha, stating that they both truly represent the sport with dedication and commitment. For now she is content not just with her athletic achievements but her academics and furthering her education.


Krista-Gay Taylor

16 years old
Class 2 High Jump/Hurdles
Favorite Grace product: Vienna Sausage straight from the tin

This veteran "Champs" athlete is competing for the 5th time this year, focusing only on the High Jump field event. She aspires to be just like Blanca Vlasic, a World Class High Jumper from Croatia.




Tatiana Wolfe
17 years old
Class 2 High Jump, Long Jump & Sprint Hurdles
Favorite Grace product: Vienna sausages

Despite suffering an injury to one of her legs years ago, Tatiana is passionate about being a competitive athlete. She readily admits her performance fell short last year due to flare ups from her old injury. This year she is regularly engaged in physiotherapy to improve her chances of securing a medal. Tatiana admires her fellow past student Shermaine Williams who has made a name for herself in the sport.




Sashel Brown
18 years old
Class 1 (first year) 400m, 100m Hurdles, 100m, 200m, 4x4, 4x1m

Sashel's love for track manifested itself the day she accepted the challenge from a fellow student 'Marvin" in primary school who declared no girl could run faster than him. Beating "Marvin" in front of several student spectators she was encouraged to take up the sport. A naturally conversant Sashel says despite the intense training, "running frees her" and she is committed to putting effort into her training. With no aspirations to go 'pro', she is just enjoying the sport and in her spare time likes going to the movies. The competitive Sashel is excited about Champs this year as she eyes the 400m hurdles medal. With confidence brimming she wishes her fellow competitors the best of luck and may the best man win!




 Kelsey Reynolds

17 years old
Class 2 100m Hurdles, 4x100m
6th year at Champs

This reserved athlete confesses that last year her focus shifted from the sport to her academics which had fallen behind, to improve her grade she cut back on her training. Kelsey also admits she did not see herself as having the ability to outperform her fellow teammates, allowing nerves to get the better of her. Reminded by the teachings of her mom to give her personal best at all times and her academics improved, this soft-spoken athlete is focused on the win this year. Kelsey, with the nerves in check says she plans on giving her teammates some serious competition. In her spare time she loves playing video games with her brother or hanging out with her friends.



Rich-Ann Archer
12 years old
Class 4 - 100m, 200m, 70m Hurdles
Favorite Grace product: Vienna sausages

The 3rd of four children in her family, Rich-Ann got her unique name from her father whose name is Richard. This slightly shy athlete is a first year student at Alpha who is positive she will do well at Champs this year especially the 70m Hurdles. She is considering giving High jump a try as she thinks she has the ability to do just as well at this event in the future. In her spare time she likes reading Nancy Drew books.





Shenelle Powell
13 years old
Class 4- 100m, 200m, Long jump
Favorite Grace product: Vienna sausage

This reserved athlete says she really loves track and field and is always focused on training hard to become a successful athlete like Shelley-Ann Fraser, and sees herself being just like her. If is had an opportunity to meet Shelley-Ann she would use the opportunity to find out about her training program. In her down time she enjoys hanging out with her friends. This year, Shenelle is hopeful of a medal in Long jump. 





Zinedine Russell
13 years old
Class 4- 70m Hurdles, High jump, Long jump
Favorite Grace product: Corned beef

Originally a High and Long Jumper, Zinedine added hurdles to her events 2 years ago. Despite having her mom as one of the coaches at Alpha, she feels no pressure to train harder or outperform her fellow teammates and is simply motivated to put her best self forward every time. Zinedine is optimistic about her performance at Champs this year especially in Hurdles and High jump.





Subrena Hearne
13 years old
Class 3 - High Jump
Favorite Grace product: Baked beans

As the current Captain for the Netball team at Alpha, Subrena was drawn to High jump after observing a couple training sessions of her fellow students, she then tried out for the team and discovered her natural ability towards the sport, so now splits her time between High jump and Netball, this will be her first time representing Alpha at Champs. This energetic athlete likes to play football with her cousins and treasures the members of her family the most. She especially admires her Grandmother who is a constant source of inspiration and always insists on the truth. Subrena has hopes of becoming a Doctor.













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