Friday, January 19, 2018
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School Visit: Wolmers Boys

Like A Champion 360 "Chillin & Chips for Champs" Campaign 
School Visit: Wolmers Boys School

Interview by: Sherie Ranston
Photos: Ryan Hohn 


 Karey Kelly

15 years old
Class 2- 100m, 200m
3rd year at Champs
Favorite Grace Product: Baked Beans

Karey was encouraged into track whilst attending Queens Prep school after his then physical education teacher observed his potential. He also loves playing football and swimming. He is undecided at the moment as to whether or not he will pursue a career in Track and for now is enjoying being a part of the team. He especially admires fellow teammate Odean Skeen, a close friend and inspiring athlete who he immediately turns to giving a firm handshake.



 Odean Skeen

17 years old
Class 1- 100m, 200m
6th year at Champs
Favorite Grace Product: Tin Mackerel

No stranger to medal status, Odean dominated the sporting arena in 2010 as Double Gold medalist at Champs for 100m and 200m, Triple Gold medalist at Carifta, and was the World Junior Silver medalist and undefeated Youth Olympic Champion also in 2010. Sadly in 2011 Odean suffered hamstring injuries which severely crippled his performance that year. This year, he feels his performance will be greatly improved for Champs. He admires fellow teammate Kevaughn Allen who brings lots of energy and vibes to the training sessions. At the end of his athletic career, he is considering a career as a Chef.



 Kevaughn Allen

19 years old
Class 1- 110m Hurdles & 400m Hurdles
Favorite Grace Product: Grace Mackerel
7th year at Champs

Kevaughn distinguished himself as an amazing athlete in his early years at All Age Champs. Supported by his GSAT results, he earned himself a place with Wolmers Boys. With the realization that this is his last year of Champs and falling victim to recurring injuries, Kevaughn feels he has something to prove and is determined to leave his mark at Champs this year. In his spare time he loves playing video games and sees himself as a Soldier after he completes his athletic career.



 Raheem Robinson

16 years old
Class 2- 100m, 200m
3rd Year at Champs
Favorite Grace Product: Cornmeal & Oates Instant Porridge

Raheem is a past student of Wolmers prep where he was first introduced to track by competing in the school's Sports Day. He has always seen himself as a Wolmerian and his new found passion for track was an automatic draw towards joining the track team once he entered Wolmers Boys. Based on his personal time he is one of the favorites predicted to win the 100m Class 2 event. He is hopeful about a successful career in track and ultimately sees himself becoming a physiologist.



 Christoff Bryan

15 years old
Class 2- High Jump
3rd year at Champs
Favorite Grace Product: Vienna sausage

Standing tall Christoff can boast to never having lost at Champs. A graduate of Kingsgate Prep, this goal oriented athlete is the current Defending Champion for Class 2 High Jump and naturally the favorite to win with the resolve to breaking his own record this year. Christoff is also the current Carifta Trials Champion and plans on breaking the record at the next Carifta games for this coming year. He is challenging himself to be the first Jamaican to win a medal in High Jump at the World Junior Games for 2012.


 Kashif Ford

17 years old
Class 1- Shot-put Discus
Favorite Grace Product: Banana flavor instant Oates

A recent addition to the Wolmers family, Kashif is a lower six form student having transferred last year to the school. He has always wanted to attend Wolmers and is equally thrilled that he was readily accepted by the Track Team. Having done well at the Carifta games in 2010, there was an expectation that he would perform the same in 2011. However, having suffered a lower back injury that year, a common occurrence within the sport of Discus throwing, his performance at Champs was disappointing. Assured by his physiotherapist that it's safe to compete and his training sessions adjusted to accommodate his injury, he hopes to significantly improve on his performance at this year's Champs. In his spare time this jovial young man likes editing photos and compiling instrumental music.


 Yanick Hart

18 years old
Class 1- 110m Hurdles, 200m, 4x100m
Favorite Product: Grace Tin Mackerel

A natural charmer with a take control attitude, it is no surprise Yanick is the current 110m Hurdles Champion for the Carifta Trials and Captain of the Wolmers Team. He proudly acknowledges that despite being from different backgrounds they are all brothers and that each team member relates well with each other. Yanick is credited for his leadership qualities and despite the title of captain, feels no pressure as his team knows he gives his personal best not as Captain but as an athlete at heart. Yanick has set himself two goals for this year. First and foremost is to lead his team to victory at this year Champs and to also gain the title in the 110m Hurdles for Class 1.







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