Friday, January 19, 2018
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School Visit: William Knibb

Chillin' & Chips for Champs - School Visit
William Knibb Memorial High

Interview by: Sherie Ranston
Photos: Ryan Hohn 



Kenardo Watson
16 years old
Class 2- 100m, 200m, 400m
Favorite Grace Product: Vienna Sausage

Kenardo only participated in one event at Champs last year and failed to qualify during the heats. He attributes his poor performance to starting his training too late in the year; hence he was not fully prepared. Slated to compete in 3 separate events this year Kenardo is intent on making a significant contribution to the team. He deeply admires Yohan Blake and hopes to be in his position one day. He once had the opportunity to speak with Yohan and was inspired to pursue a career in track.




Christopher Bent
14 years old
Class 2- 100m, 200m, 4x100m
Favorite Grace Product: Vienna Sausage

This is Christopher's very first time competing at Champs. Christopher has had the experience of Western Champs and is up for the challenge that Champs will present. He is confident that he will be able to handle this more public platform just as well. Fascinated by the "Bolt" phenomenon, Christopher is hopeful of the possibility of being a World Class Athlete like former past student of William Knibb, Usain.




Channiel Johnson
16 years old
Class2- 100m, 200m, 4x100m

Inspired by her mom, a former athlete at Dinthill High School, who won a scholarship to go abroad. Channiel's mom dreams were short-lived due to an unexpected pregnancy with Channiel's older sister. Since the start of her career in track her mom has encouraged her to stay focus and not let the same fate befall her. At the Carifta Championship in 2010 Channiel came second in the 100m for under 17 in her Class. In 2011, she suffered a shin splint in her right leg during the final heats and was unfortunately barred from competing in the finals for her own safety. Coupled with a hamstring injury, she is still predicting a Top 3 placement at Champs 2012.




Santana Haynes
17 years old
Class 2- 100m, 200m, 4x 100m
Favorite Grace Product: Vienna Sausage

With an improved time this year compared to 2011, and an intensive training program Santana predicts major improvement, coupled with the fact that she has not suffered any recent injuries. Santana reflects on failing her GSAT examinations the first time around and was given a second opportunity to sit the GNAT which she passed and was awarded a place at her current school William Knibb. It is here she observed the training sessions of the Track Team and decided to try out for the team. Last year Santana and her fellow teammates for the girls team were barred from participating in the Penn Relays due to late payment. She declares that moreso, both Champs and the Penn Relays will be an exciting time for herself and the other members of her team.



Anthony Davis
17 years old
Class 1- 100m, 200m, 4x100m, 4x4m
Favorite Grace Product- Hot & Spicy Sausage

Anthony is a medalist for Champs 2010 Class 2 boys (first year). Then in 2011 he suffered a right leg injury and whilst he participated during the heats, he failed to make the finals. With tremendous improvement in his personal time and Coach Mckay's intensive quarter mile program, Anthony is confidently visualizing a Top 8 position for himself this year. With limited participation in Western Champs this year Anthony is reserving his best for Champs 2012, and remains encouraged and equally motivated by his Coach and family to pursue a career in track.




Oshane Fowler
18 years old
Class1- 100m, 200m
Favorite Grace Product: Tin Mackerel

Oshane declares that "Champs is serious this year", he is hungry for the win and plans to go all out. Giving credit to Coach Mckay's intensive training program compared to last year and is sincerely grateful for this new level of training. Admittedly, Oshane feels physically stronger and more confident about Champs. Oshane is already having flashes of the finishing line, followed by being rewarded for his efforts. He is continuously inspired by Asafa Powell's form and Usain Bolt's vibes.

















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