Friday, January 19, 2018
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School Visit: Herbert Morrison

Chillin' & Chips for Champs - School Visit
Herbert Morrison Technical High School

Interview by: Sherie Ranston
Photos: Ryan Hohn   




Seidatha Palmer
18 years old
Class1- 100m, 200m
Favorite Grace Product: Vienna Sausage

During here training last year Seidatha was executing a 3rd leg baton pass when her leg instantly snapped, stopping her in her tracks. A visit to the physiotherapist concluded with a disappointed Seidatha assisted by crutches subjecting her to the mockery of her peers. Sitting in the stands at Champs last year, a devastated Seidatha watched her teammates compete without her. She is promising herself to take home a medal in both the 100m and 200m for Class 1 girls at Champs this year. Seidatha draws inspiration from watching televised coverage of Olympic highlights. She is further driven to do well at track and believes she is just as capable of attaining Olympic status someday.



Gawain Williams
16 years old
Class 2- 100m, 200m
Favorite Grace Product: Addicted to Ketchup

Gawain embarked on his career in track in the 7th grade after Coach Grant (Head Coach for Herbert Morrison) observed his natural abilities during P.E sessions. By grade 8 Gawain was an official member of his high school track team. With the fastest personal record for Class 2 in the island, Gawain is expected to stand out at Champs in his event this year. He is also the current champion for 100m, and 200m at the Western Championships 2012. With music being his first love, this modest athlete plays the clarinet, keyboard and saxophone when he is not busy training. He is not sure which direction his future will take as he remains passionate about music but really enjoys the feeling of freedom that tracks offers. For now he endeavors to continue striking a balance between the two. For Champs 2012, Gawain is laying it all on the track.


Renea Ambersley
19 years old
Class 1- 400m
Favorite Grace Product: Hot & Spicy Sausage

With an injury originating from the Carifta games last year, Renea did not participate in Champs 2011. She then redeemed herself by winning the 400m and 800m at the Western Championships this year. For Champs, she is not making any predictions and just plans to give her very best as this is her final year. In her spare time she likes to read and surf the internet. She admires her mom who cautions her to strike a balance between track and her school work at all times.




Everton Clarke
19 years old
Class1- 100m, 200m
Favorite Grace Product: Tropical Rhythms Drink

From as far back as he can remember Everton has been actively engaged at track, attributed to the fact that his mother is a former athlete, and declares that track is in his blood. Despite a poor performance at Champs 2011 where he placed 9th overall for both 400m and 200m in Class 1, Everton was still able to qualify for the Pan Am Games that same year. Having successfully acquired a transfer from William Knibb to Herbert Morrison at the start of the school year Everton feels he has a significant chance for medal placement, with a new coach and a new training program. With the realization that this is final year competing at Champs, Everton would like to improve his overall placement. Everton says he has been observing Yohan Blake from Yohan was in high school and plans to follow in his footsteps.















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