Friday, January 19, 2018
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School Visit: Wolmers Girls

Chillin & Chips for Champs
School visit: Wolmers Girls Team

Interview by: Sherie Ranston
Photos: Ryan Hohn 


Toni-Ann Farquharson

12 years old

Class 4- High Jump
Favorite Grace Product: Tin Mackerel & Baked Beans

Being the tallest in her school at Mona Prep in grade 4, the Coach for the track team introduced her to High Jump. She then went on to win the high jump event for class 1 at Prep School Champs for Grades 5 and 6 consecutively. This will be her first year competing at the high school level, and admittedly does not know what to expect. Coach Carr is confident Toni-Ann will dominate this event at Champs this year. Her personal record of 1.65m is the current record at Champs, held by an wolmers-girls student. She admires her fellow teammate Shanice Hall, a Class1 High Jumper who is also a good friend, and always successful at cheering her up.


Jolaine Spence
12 years old
Class 4- High Jumper
Favorite Grace Product: Baked Beans

A former ballet student at Vaz Prep. Jolaine was introduced to Long Jump by her Coach who noticed the power in her legs and immense flexibility she amassed from dancing. It was at this point Jolaine transitioned to High Jump entering high school. Jolaine is aspiring for a 1.60m which would be a personal best to land her in at least 2nd place in her class. As a first time competitor at Champs Jolaine is very confident due in part to the positive results manifested so far in her training and the various track meets she has participated in this year. Her favorite athlete is former past student, Shelly-Ann Fraser because she has a positive influence on everyone she comes in contact with, and works hard to achieve whatever she puts her mind to.


Shauna Helps
15 years old
Class3 - 100m, 200m, 4x100m
Favorite Grace Product: Vienna Sausage

This will be Shauna's 4th year at Champs at the high school level. As the double sprint champion for the 100m and 200m for Champs last year, there is a level of expectation from her Coach and fellow teammates. Shauna is confident that with the grace of God, things will go her way. Whilst she would not mind a career in track, and hopefully emulate past student Shelly-Ann Fraser, she is also open to a career as a pathologist at the end of a successful career in track which would pay for her medical studies. For now, she is definitely putting effort into her training so she can reap future rewards.

Janeek Brown
13 years old
Class 3 - 80m Hurdles

Janeek came to Wolmers Girls hoping to become a sprinter. It was here she saw a hurdle for the very first time. During a PE session her Coach asked her to try the hurdles without any prior experience and it was here she discovered her ability for hurdles. A training program was then created for her in preparation for her very first event, where she won overall for Class 4 just a year ago. Last year she was a silver medalist at Champs, but is intent for gold by doing everything she did last year but better! She admires Veronica Campbell for her sportsmanship and her Coach, Coach Carr who once told her "You have to experience your failures before you can enjoy your successes" This advice has stayed with her for the past year and a half of having him as a Coach.



Jonielle Smith
16 years old
Class 2 - 100m, 200m
Favorite Grace Product: Grace Instant Cornmeal Porridge

In grade 3 at St. Francis Primary Jonielle loved track but could not control her nerves before the beginning of a race. After repeated failures her Coach firmly warned her that if she was not serious about track she should quit now! Jonielle remembers going home with tears streaming down her face and confided in her older brother. He assured her she was capable and just needed to apply herself. The second day of trials for the school team Jonielle claimed first place to secure a spot on the team. Last year she copped 2 silver and 1 bronze medal at Champs. This year she is recovering from a hamstring injury but has a positive attitude and hopes to achieve her personal best which is currently 11.95m for 100m and 24.14 in the 200m. She admires Veronica Campbell-Brown for her drive and determination as she is inspired to just go out with the finish line in mind.


Shanice Hall
18 years old
Class 1 - High Jumper
Favorite Grace Product: Corned Beef

Selected for her honesty and an ability to take instructions without asking questions Shanice was made Team Captain by Coach Carr. This is her second year serving in this capacity. Last year Shanice expected to win at her event but placed 4th. She is a 2010 Carifta Champion and was a part of the first ever Youth Olympic Team to represent Jamaica in Singapore. In 2011, with high levels of expectation all around and feeling pressured to do well Shanice lost her enthusiasm for the sport which crippled her performance at Champs last year. With time to recoup and encouragement from friends, family and of course her Coach, Shanice is having fun with her training. She boasts the best height of 185m in the island and an impressive feat globally. This being her last year at Champs and as the Team Captain, she wants to make her team and Coach proud. She assures herself that yes, the expectations are still present but she now has a different frame of mind and the continued support of her school and family. Shanice declares that it will happen for her this year. She admires Blanca Vlasic. With her heart in the legal field, for now she is enjoying being the athlete specializing in High Jump.















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