Friday, January 19, 2018
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School Visit: St. Andrews Girls

Chillin & Chips For Champs School Visit
St. Andrew High

Interview by: Sherie Ranston
Photos: Ryan Hohn 


Venique Harris
16 years old
Class 2 - Discus & Shotput
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Based on her performance at the Carifta Trials this year, Venique is hopeful she made the team, the results of which will be posted shortly after Champs. Last year she placed 4th in the discus event for class 3. Acknowledging strong competition from Gleneve Grange from Holmwood, Venique is planning on taking the number one spot the discus event at Champs 2012, hopefully breaking the current record. She is especially excited about this particular event as the competition is extremely still this year. Whilst not being a competitor for track, she admires Asafa Powell for his humility and dreams of being an actuary someday. A former sprinter, Venique was encouraged by her head coach, Coach Bolt to switch to discus and shotput. She has no regrets making this transition and is content doing her best with the full support of her fantastic coach, Coach Davey.


Chelsi Mclean
15 years old
Class 2 - Triple Jump & Long Jump
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A former student of Vaz Prep, Chelsi was asked to do long jump for the very first time by her P.E coach who saw her potential. With his endorsement she then joined the track team. With proper training from Ms. Simmons and Mr. Mcdonald in grade 5, Chelsi placed second at Prep School Champs. Passing her examinations for St. Andrew High. Chelsi naturally joined the track team in her very first year at the school. In third form Chelsi was then introduced to the Triple jump. She placed 7th overall at Champs 2010 and was very pleased with her performance as this was an open event. In 2011, Chelsi suffered a hamstring injury which prevented her from competing just one week shy of Champs 2011. Still, struggling with the injury which surfaced recently, Chelsi is hoping to fall at least in the top 5, worst case scenario and is hopeful she will be participating at the Penn Relays this year in the Class 2 Triple jump. She admires fellow teammate Megan Simmonds who is a great motivator and her mom who assures her she has the potential and can do anything she puts her mind to.


Omealla Gordon
18 years old
Class 1 - 400m, 800m, 4x4m

Omealla's career in track started at Excelsior Pre-Primary and by Grade 6 she had developed a love for track, specifically, the 400m. It was in first form she was then elevated to the 800m. Despite not participating in Champs 2012 for reasons she was not willing to share, Omealla's attitude to training has won the favor of head coach, Coach Bolt. She has also excelled at various track meets, running 55 seconds in the 4x4m first leg. She is determined to make the finals of at least 2 of her 3 events at Champs this year. Omealla admires Sania Richards from Team USA , who never gives up going into the last stretch of a race.

Georgia Williams
18 years old
Class 1 - Heptathlon, High Jump, Javlin & Discus

Georgia is actively involved in the track team and readily steps up whenever she is asked to do so, earning her the unofficial title of Team Captain. She started track in grade 4 at St. Andrew Prep. She wasn't considered a star athlete until grade 6 when her coach who is also her stepdad, introduced her to high jump. She placed second at Prep Champs being beaten by 'count-back' (not based on height but the sequence of attempts). Coming in high school in 2005 she was the star high jumper predicted to win the Class 4 High Jump at Champs but placed 10th which was a major blow. Georgia remembers crying her heart out. The disappointment was so much that it affected her training and devotion to the sport for almost 4 years! She admits to losing her focus, mentally hindered by her past. Georgia admits to finding herself in year 6 realizing that she only had one year remaining in high school to prove herself as an athlete. As Team Captain she is determined to be an example for her teammates who look up to her. Georgia thanks fellow teammate Megan Simmonds who has been instrumental in helping her to focus and find her motivation so as to hone her skills. Her personal goal at Champs is to medal in the Heptathlon and despite the high level of competition in the high jump, she hopes to score points for her team.


Megan Simmonds
18 years old
Class 1 - 100m, 100m Hurdles & 4x4m

Megan is highly regarded by her teammates as a strong motivator for the team. At 5ft. 1.5' tall Megan petite frame is clearly not an hindrance to the powerful presence she commands on the team. When asked the source of her positive disposition, she immediately points to the sky. Coupled with her Uncle Emmette who signed her up for an online course called "Champions Challenge" which speaks to maximizing what you already have to the best of your abilities. As the underdog for the 100m Hurdles Megan intends to be a strong competitor this year. Her final words, "Trust in the Lord, have faith and persevere. Megan looks up to Sally Pearson, the current World Champion in the 100m Hurdles from Australia and Veronica Campbell for her blazing finish at the World Indoor Championships for 2012 that teaches her never to give up.















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