Friday, January 19, 2018
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School Visit: St. Jago High (Girls)

Chillin & Chips for Champs - School Visit 
St. Jago Girls

Interview by: Sherie Ranston
Photos: Ryan Hohn 


Natalliah Whyte
14 years old
Class 3 - 100m, 200m, 4x100m
Favorite Grace Product: "Likes everything Grace"

This is Natalliah's 3rd year representing St. Jago. In her first year at Champs, she earned a gold medal in the 200m for Class 4 and a silver in the 100m. Last year, Natalliah suffered a groin injury and despite qualifying for the 200m final was unable to compete and was not pleased with her performance that year. With her injuries behind her, this year she would like to p.r in the 200m below .25 seconds and 11.97 for the 100m. Natalliah is ready to dispel theories that she is "not ready" for Champs and that she is back! Natalliah admires Veronica Campbell for her confidence and fight to the finish.



Kellion Knibb
18 years old
Class 1 - Discus, Shot-put, Javlin
Favorite Grace Product: Hot & Spicy Sausage

This is kellion's 6th year attending St. Jago and 5th year representing the school. Kellion has earned a least 2 medals every year competing at Champs, with last year being the highlight of her career so far. Kellion got the record in the Shot-put Open, gold in the Javlin Open and silver in Discus for Class 2. Kellion remembers going home on a high and is back to defend both her titles and finally earn a gold medal for the Discus. Kellion acknowledges that the competition is stiff this year but likes it that way as it increases her drive for the win. Already a champion in her own right, this 5ft 11' athlete admires Melainie Walker for her persistence and determination to always rise above the doubters.



Fayon Gonzales
18 years old
Class 1 - Discus & Javlin
Favorite Grace Product: Tin Mackerel

Captain of the team and also Head Girl, Fayon was awarded a space at St. Jago based on her GSAT results. She started track and field in second form and represented St. Jago for the first time in third form, this is her 5th time competing. In her first two years she placed 4th in the discus and 3rd the following 2 years in Discus for Class 2 then first year Class 1. This is Fayon's first year competing in the Javlin. As a newcomer, she is naturally experiencing some amount of nerves, but based on her performance in her training sessions, feels a top 3 placement is not impossible. She intends to go for gold in the discus even though the throwers this year are very competitive, currently throwing pass the 50meter barrier. Favon feels with this fact, there is strong possibility that the record will be broken this year that being 48meters and she is hoping she will be the one to do it. She admires Olivia McKay who has represented Jamaica at pass Olympics but failed to get the recognition and also the school's librarian Mr. Emile Douglas who motivates the Girls team and is very actively involved in recording the training sessions of the throws and providing helpful feedback.

Chrisdale McCarthy
17 years old
Class 1 - 100m, 100m hurdles, 4x100m
Favorite Grace Product: Hot & Spicy Sausage

Chrisdale was recruited by Coach Raymond and KC Graham in 2006 to first form and immediately started track at the school. This is his 6th year representing St. Jago. Chrisdale also had an older sister attending St. Jago but was never involved in track. In her first year she won a gold medal for the 70m hurdles in Class 4. For her first year in Class 3 she never made the finals and then the following year finished 4th for the 80m for her final year in Class 3. In 2011 Chrisdale finished 1st in the 100m hurdles and 8th in the 100m dash. She would like to break the record in the 100m hurdles for Class 1 and of course defend her title. Being less enthusiastic about the 100m dash Chrisdale intends to still do her best and hopefully place in the top 3. Although Chrisdale say she is a hurdler, she admires sprinter Melainie Walker for her determination and Bridgette Foster Hylton for the fight she has within her and would love to develop similar traits.

Orenthia Bennette
19 years old
Class 1 - 400m

This youthful athlete is a former graduate of Manchester High and joined St. Jago last year in lower six. She explains that her former Coach at Manchester High Coach Holmes left the school and her mother felt St. Jago offered a better program for her to grow. This will be her first year representing St. Jago. In 2006 while attending Manchester High, she received 3 gold medals for the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m for Class 4. In 2007 and 2008, Orenthia was injured and only competed in the 4x100m in Class 3 both years. In 2009 Orenthia made it to the finals but had to sit out due to an injury. In 2010, she placed 4th in the 400m in Class 2. Then in 2011 she received a silver medal in the 400m for her first year in Class 1. With this being her final year and still plagued by injuries Orenthia is still focused on a personal best in the top 3 to finish her high school career on a high. She is already looking at offers of scholarships and is yet to make a decision as to the best option. She is taking life one step at a time and relying on God to pull her through.

Safiya Thompson
14 years old
Class 3 - 100m, 200m, 80m hurdles, 4x100m
Favorite Grace Product: Tin Mackerel

Safiya was recruited by Coach Goulbourne from New Providence Primary School. In 2010 Safiya was Champion Girl for Primary Champs. This is her second year representing St. Jago. Last year she placed 6th in the 100m due to a bad start and failed to qualify for the finals for her other events. Safiya says she is in great shape and has been running well all season and with God's help is hoping to place in the top 3. Safiya is inspired by her mother and all her Coaches. She is optimistic of a long career in track and if prevented from doing so would consider becoming a Medical Doctor.



Kimone Shaw
12 years old
Class 4 - 100m, 200m, 4x100m
Favorite Grace Product: Vienna Sausage

Kimone is a former student of May Pen Primary and was recruited by Coach Goulbourne last year. Representing St Jago for the very first time, Kimone says she is a bit nervous as this is also her very first high shool Champs. She is equally confident as she knows what she has trained for and is capable of doing well. Both Kimone's parents are former athletes and she is simply continuing what they have started. She mostly admires Veronica Campbell and Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, both of whom are great athletes and has set a very good trend to follow.















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