Friday, January 19, 2018
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Campion College high jumper finally gets first gold after 6 years of Champs

By: Kimesha Walters
Damon McLean has proved that with determination, anyone can achieve what they desire.
The 19 year old Campion College student has been participating at Champs for the past six years without winning a gold medal, and while he won two other medals, they did not suffice. He came to this year’s ISSA GraceKennedy Boy’s and Girl’s championship to break that chain.
This is his last season at Champs, and he had his mind set on the top prize. He entered the Boys Triple Jump Open Class 1 event, which was sponsored by Grace Foods, and his dream became a reality. He   jumped 15.28 metres, beating Jonathon Reid of Kingston College who jumped 15.25m and placed third, and Demar Robinson of Calabar High who scored 14. 75m. 

“It’s a good feeling because I finally achieved the gold and I have been working so hard for it over the years and I finally got things right,” said McLean on Day three, shortly after he collected his gold medal from Gabrielle Sang, Marketing Manager of Grace Foods.
“I know it’s the last year and there should be no mistakes so I wanted to get everything right,” he added.

McLean said he went over the tapes of last year’s Champs and made the necessary adjustments to avoid injuries, and is overjoyed that his efforts paid off.
With joy of his victory, he shares a few works for others who have had the goal elude them, and for those who might be nervous when performing. “It’s something that you have been doing all season, so just be confident and it will all work out, “ he said.

“Everything happens for a reason. If it’s a case where you didn’t put in enough work, you just need to work harder to achieve.” 
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