Friday, January 19, 2018
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Energetic crowd keeps the vibes alive at Champs

By: Kimesha Walters

As the finals of Champs 100 continue at the National Stadium, the spectators are more upbeat and energized. As each race begins, the cheers, screams, shouts and excitement ring throughout the venue, sending chills down your very spine.

Only a few empty spaces are visible in the stands, and even more people are pouring in to witness the remaining events of Champs 100. No doubt, it must be very exciting (and envious for anyone outside), to pass near the National stadium, as there is no place for calm inside.

As the runners approach the finish line, the spectators get on their feet, shouting, screaming and whistling. There appears to be an endless energy in the stadium, and this is absolutely amazing.

The crowd is busy doing the “wave”, and two sealed rounds circled the entire stadium, a fascinating aspect of Champs. More energy, more vibes, the excitement continues.

Chillin: The official drink of Champs 100

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