Friday, January 19, 2018
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Kemoy Campbell breaks Champs 1500 metre Class 1 record

After declaring that he was gunning for a record in his favourite event yesterday, Kemoy Campbell of Bellefield High School has delivered on his promise with a 4:08.54 run, beating Corey Rochester of Tacius Golding High, and Rogeek Rochester of Edwin Allen who placed second and third respectively.
On Day 3 of champs the extraordinary distance athlete outrun his competitors and smashed the record that he set in the event last year.
As the announcer metioned Campbell’s name, the crowd stood and applauded him as he cruised to the finishing line. “I feel good because in Jamaica sprinting is dominant and I feel great having the crowd supporting me as a distance runner, 


Team Rankings - Male

Men Team Ranking - 32 Events Scored - Sat. 6.37pm - 27th March

1. Wolmers Boys School - 178.50 
2. Calabar High - 177.50
3. Kingston College - 158
4. Jamaica College - 137
5. Munroe College - 70.50
6. St. Jago High - 77
7. Manchester High - 38 
8. St. Elizabeth Technical - 29
9. Holmwood Technical - 28  
10. Camperdown High School - 26



More intensity at Champs as spectators await the start of over 19 finals

By: Kimesha Walters

The sound of drums beating, the whistles piercing the air, the screams of spectators, and the occasional shouts of joy all add to the excitement, and inevitably, you are captured in the thrill of the moment. 
As the time winds down to the over 19 finals that will be contested today, the air inside the National Stadium is getting more intense with each passing minute. 

More people are strolling in to witness yet another staging of the ISSA GraceKennedy Boys’ and Girls’ Championships, as Day 3 of Champs 100 sees a better attendance than the two previous days. The crowd in the grandstand and bleachers is gradually increasing, and those not yet seated wander around impatiently. 

You feel excited because everyone seems happy, and as the feelings become more intense, you have to wonder, who will it be, who will win this race, who will win the finals? 

But, until the ultimate moment, there is only one thing to do. Wait.

Chillin- The official drink of Champs 100

Gold medal performance despite injuries

Battling shoulder and elbow injury, a determined Kellion Knibb of St. Jago High School defied all odds and threw her way to victory in the Girls Javelin Open at Day 3 of Champs 100.

During the final round of throw, an excited Knnib screamed and jumped with fists held high in the air as she scored her all time best of 41.04 metre to beat her teammate Tanesha Clarke 40.72 and Edwin Allen High’s Ann-Marie Duffus 39.72 who placed third.
Knibb who was a favourite for first place said she knew that she could win the gold medal and knowing that her team needed the points gave her the extra push to go forward. She said she has been doing well all season and knew that her personal record could get her gold medal.

The vibrant 16 year old said her victory would not have materialised without hard work, as her determination and dedication are critical factors in her success. “I have been training really hard and going to the gym, and although there have been some confusion and frustration, there can be no success without hard work,” she acknowledged.
“I have a passion for throwing and I have been training really hard so I guess with all of that it just comes naturally,” explained the former St. Catherine Primary student. 

Knibb’s teammate Tanesha Clarke was elated to place second in the event, and prove critics wrong after they ignored her when selecting the top three favorites. “I just proved to those who wrote the prediction book that they are absolutely wrong about their predictions so they need to get some more accuracy in their information,” she declared boldly, grinning from ear to ear. 
Meanwhile, Knibb who will also be participating in the discus is keeping high spirits as she hopes to medal in the event even though there will be stiff competition from her St. Jago teammate Fayon Gonzales. “I’m very determined, I really want the gold medal in the discus because I have a rival and it’s just sticky out there, but I know that I can do it and I will do it,” she said, her eyes blazing with confidence. 
While St. Jago is a favourite for fifth, Knibb added that she expects her team to seal a place in top three at the end of Champs 2010. “We have trained hard and we see what we can do, and we have done it before at Central Champs with all the top schools there and we will do it again,” announced Knibb.
Name: Kellion Knibb
Age: 16
School: St. Jago high 
Events: Javelin, discus, shotput
Favourite event: Javelin
Favourite Athlete: Kerron Stewart
Favourite Colour: Red and orange
Favourite Quote: “With God all things are possible”
Motivation: To perform well for my mother and my school
Hobbies: Playing netball, reading, writing poems, singing and trying to dance


Holmwood Technical Girls continues fashion fury with warrior hairstyle

By: Kimesha Walters
Burgundy and yellow, chiney bumps at both sides and corn rows in the middle with the ends looking as if each person had been electrocuted, that’s the style being sported by the entire girl’s team of Holmwood Technical High School.
The females are out with a bang as they parade their unique “Craab up Ting” hairstyle at the centenarian staging of the ISSA GraceKennedy Boys’ and Girls’ Championship at the National Stadium.
Shanice McPherson, a member of the team who is at champs for the fourth time in a row explained that the name “Craab up Ting” represents the warrior–like nature of the team, as they are at Champs 100  to defend their title as the Girls’ Champions, having controlled the top spot since 2003. 
She added that the name for the hairstyle as conceptualized by Holmwood’s Vice Captain, Nickeisha Beaumont, and adequately complements the teams yellow sport clothing, with burgundy writiing. While it took a little over one hour to complete the style, a smiling McPherson who spoke with pride of her unique hairstyle declared that it was well worth the wait.      


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