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Team Rankings - Female

Womens Team Rankings - 37 Events Scored - 6.21pm - 27th March

1. Holmwood Tech. - 227.33
2. Edwin Allen High - 210
3. St. Jago High - 145
4. Manchester High - 129.83
5. Vere Technical High - 127 
6. Wolmers Girls School - 93
7. St. Elizabeth Tech. - 64
8. Convent of Mercy Academy - 52.83
9. Herbert Morrison Tech - 48
10. The Queens School - 43 


Chad Wright emerges victor after ding dong battle with discus record

By: Kimesha Walters
After what seemed like a ding dong battle to break the Class 1 Discus record, Chad Wright emerged victorious over his Calabar High teammate Travis Smikle to give himself an amazing birthday present at the Inter-Secondary School Sports Association GraceKennedy Boys’ and Girls’ Championships at the National Stadium.

“I’m glad for the win!” exclaimed a laughing Wright, who turned 19 years old on Day 2 of Champs 100. He said he did not have any special preparations for the event, and was confident even with this teammate hot on his heels. He said he had a good night’s sleep, and slept through the day then warmed up for the event, which took place in the afternoon.

“I was actually studying this morning and they told me to stop because I had finals and I told them no because I had exams too,” he boasted, adding that he will be sitting Caribbean Studies, Physics and Computer Science at the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) this year.  
The youngster who hails from the volatile Swallowfield community in Kingston set a record of 52.16 on day one of Champs 100, then improved that to 56. 86. That was beaten by Smikle’s 57.74 and 58.68 in the finals, but Wright would not let his teammate steal spotlight.

He rebounded with a throw of 58.86, as he sealed his victory and secured his place in history. 
But it was obvious there were no hard feelings between the two teammates as the friendly rivals laughed, talked and congratulated each other after the finals. The bond was clear, and if there were any doubts, 17-year-old Smikle cleared it. “We came to the realization that this will only last for a time, but we will be friends for life.”

Meanwhile, Wright is treasuring the moments of his final Champs but he is looking ahead with great anticipation. “I’m looking forward to university, I want to go abroad on a scholarship to further my education and I want to continue this sport because I like it. I want to be world class ranked, hopefully number one someday and make a living from it,” asserted Wright.


Chennel Palmer-Defying the odds to setting her own standards

By: Kimesha Walters
Originating from the volatile Seaview Gardens Community, Chennel Palmer is one teen who has vowed to rise above the challenges of her situation, and shine for others to see her light and emulate her.

At 14 years old, the Vere Technical High School student is already on the path to success as she copped the gold medal in the Class 3 High Jump at the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association Boy’s (ISSA) GraceKennedy Boys’ and Girls’ Championships at the National Stadium.  She was a favourite to place third, but would have none of that as she would set her own pace. “I put my mind to it, I looked at it and said that I have to come to champs and prove them wrong,” she said of her critics. 

Palmer jumped her way to a 1.70m victory on Day 2 of Champs 100, beating Tatiana Wolfe (1.65m) and Krista-Gay Taylor (1.65m) both of Convent of Mercy who were beaten into second and third respectively.

“I am proud because my personal best was 1.65 and today I jumped 1.70 so I feel really good, said Palmer.  “I felt good because at the Carifta trials I did not do my best and to come here and do well I’m so happy,” she added as a smile slowly spread across her face.
Palmer said she has more years at Champs and hopes to break the 1.77m record that was set by Janieve Russell of Holmwood Technical last year.

While celebrating her victory, the teen made it clear that she had to prepare for the event, and put herself in the position to win a medal. “While I was jumping I was excited, I was cheering myself on as a form of motivation,” she said, explaining that this complemented the hard work that she put into training. In her glory moment Palmer credited her mother coach, team-mates, friends and family, all of whom have been supportive of her endeavours.  

Name: Chennel Palmer
Age: 14
School: Vere Technical
Events: High Jump and Discus
Favourite event: High Jump
Favourite Athlete: Shelly-Ann Fraser
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Quote: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”
Motivation: Mother-She is always behind me 100 per cent
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, listening to music, reading
Hairstyle: Mohawk 


Profile: Kemoy Campbell

Name: Kemoy Campbell
Age: 19
School: Bellefield High
Events: 1500, and 5000m
Favourite event: 15000m (laughs: “Because it is shorter”) now the National Junior 1500 metre record-holder, Reigning Carifta Games gold medallist
Favourite Athlete: Asafa Powell
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Past-time: Reading and hanging out with friends
Favourite quote: Only the best is good enough, because when you put out our best you always get positive rewards.
Motivation: Coach, friends and family members


Teenager vows to shine and make mom proud

By: Kimesha Walters  
Jevaine Mills hated running and could not see what the fuss was about the sport. When others were worked up about it, he just did not care. However, when his mother revealed a secret to him that changed his perception of athletics forever.
“Mi mother tell me say when she did smaller and a go school and do running she get pregnant wid me and she neva get fi finish with running,” confessed Mills. 
He said thereafter, she encouraged him to participate in athletics, and he took up the challenge with an unyielding commitment to make his mother proud.
“She say she coulda turn big athlete and it neva work so I should give it a try,” added Mills. 
He revealed that his dislike for the sport has turned to sheer admiration. To top this off, his family, friends, coach and school mates have been a tower of strength for him as he seeks to better himself in athletics. 
But the journey has been rough, as the teenager who participates in the 400m, 800m and the 1500m was disqualified from the 800m his favourite event, after he fell in the race on Day 1 of Champs 100. 
The disappointment is only a fraction of the youngster’s woes, as he will not be performing in the 400m either. However, after his first place finish in the Class 3, Boys 1500m Heat this morning, he still has high hopes.
“I am heading for the gold or the silver, but whatever medal I get that would be good,” declared Mills.

Name: Jevaine Mills
Age: 13
School: Petersfield High
Events: 400m, 800m, 1500m 
Favourite event: 800m 
Favourite Athlete: Asafa Powell- because he is cool and doesn’t like to show off. Him cool and like fi humble himself.
Favourite Colour: Yellow
Motivation: My mother

Chillin-The official drink of ISSA GraceKennedy Boys’ and Girl’s Championship 2010

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