Friday, January 19, 2018
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Nine in a row -Holmwood Technical Wins Girls’ Champs 101

 By Kimesha Walters

Some predicted that the Franklield girls from Edwin Allen High would take the title, but the Holmwood held strong, and fought back to make it nine in a row at Champs 101.

It was an intense battle here at the National Stadium in Kingston since the events started this afternoon, with the two schools fighting to keep the first place title.

However, the Holmwood girls decided to go all out and their efforts have paid off as thousands of fans are celebrating the Girls’ victory with their Grace branded cheering sticks and vuvuzelas.

To show their satisfaction with the title, the girls are now doing their victory song on the running track, decked in their maroon and gold and unique hairstyles- the signature style of Holmwood Technical.


Traves Smikle’s Last Year At Champs

By Kimesha Walters

Star discus athlete Traves Smikle of Calabar High School is saying goodbye to Champs but he is by no means sad.

Since his first performance at Champs in 2007, he has accumulated five medals, three gold for discus and two silver for shot put. “Everybody is proud of me, they look up to me and wish that I do well at all my events,” he said.

Here at Champs 101, Smikle set a new junior record of 66.88m for his favourite event - discus.  “I feel good knowing that this is my last year and I performed well with a new national record,” he said smiling.

The eighteen year old also won a silver medal for the shot put, as his teammate Ashinia Miller placed second. “I feel good to see my teammate win with a new record, and that both of us contributed points to the team,” said Smikle.

So what’s the next move? He is aiming for a good performance in the CARIFTA games and he is keeping his fingers crossed for an impressive PANAM trials, then hopefully the World Championships. 

Inspired by a Schoolmate

When she saw her former schoolmate doing the hurdles, Kimberly Golding became fascinated with the event. Shermaine Williams performed admirably well, and Golding wanted to be like her.

“I liked her technique and I found hurdles very interesting ever since that time I saw her, she was an inspiration” revealed Golding, a student of Alpha Academy.

Last year, she won a bronze medal, but she has stepped up her performance to grab the gold medal this year for the Class One hurdles.

While it is an achievement to be proud of, Golding thinks she could have done better. “I wanted to run a better time but I didn’t do it,” she frowned.

She said next year she will be defending her title, and she hopes her dream can materialize then.



Three Gold Medals--- and Going For A Fourth

By Kimesha Walters

Rushelle Burton, was expecting a single gold medal but so far, her gold medal tally has climbed to three.

The shy 13 year old St. Andrew High student won the Class Two 200m, 100m and the 70m hurdles. “I train four times per week” said Burton as she laughed at whether she had trained extra hard to achieve such a feat. “I didn’t expect to win so many medals.”

Burton who hails from Fern Hill in Lawrence tavern said her mother was also a runner, and received a gold and silver medal while she was in high school.

Megan Simmonds, Burton’s teammate described her as “An interesting person to train with” as she is one of the most humble persons she has ever met. “She does very little at training but we all knew that she could do well. She’s amazing, she’s an inspiration.” 


Excelling At Champs Despite Difficult Preparations

By Kimesha Walters

Tyler Mason found it difficult to strike a balance between school work and training for Champs 100, but that didn’t hinder him from placing first in the 100m hurdle Class Two.

The 15 year old Jamaica College student thundered to a gold medal in front of thousands of spectators who cheered him on as he sprinted to victory. “Running is fun and it is exciting,” he commented after collecting his gold medal.

Looking back, Mason said he is happy even though he lost out on sleep and social activities as a result of training.



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