Friday, January 19, 2018
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GraceKennedy Add Flavour to Champs With Fashionable Head Accessory

By Kimesha Walters

The newest addition to the Champs 101 is an imitation of the popular male haircut the Mohawk, which has been taking the market by storm.

GraceKennedy has been distributing Hair Hawks to the spectators at Champs who wish to spice up their look while cheering for their favourite school.

The Hair Hawks come in several colours including purple, yellow, green and blue, and are a hit with the both male and female patrons who fancy the classy and unique style.

Grace branded cheering sticks are also here in abundance and have added to the drone of the vuvuzela as spectators welcome the athletes to the finish line . Their banging speaks constantly to the intense action here at the National Stadium.


Disappointed Bellefield Athlete Sheds Tears at Champs

By Kimesha Walters

Moya McKenzie had tears streaming down her face as she waited to go on the podium to collect her bronze medal.

She had been participating at Champs for several years and she has never medalled. Champs 101 will be her last, and she had anticipated a second place finish behind Edwin Allen’s Ristananna Tracey in the GraceKennedy sponsored Class One 400m dash.

However, that dream did not materialise. Instead she placed third behind Tracey (53.28) and Orenthia Bennett of Manchester High (55.26). McKenzine stopped the clock at 56.10.

 “I ran a bad curve” she revealed shortly after collecting her medal from Nicholas Bramwell, Senior Brand Manager at Grace Foods and Services.

She continued, “I was supposed to come second but I didn’t run the first curve well,” she said. “I have been beating the second place winner all season.”

The nineteen year old will be moving on to college next year with high hopes of becoming a nurse. But she vows to continue doing track and field, and in the process, she will ensure that she succeeds in the 400m and a new event that she will tackle -- the 400m hurdles.

“In the future I will keep my concentration up and I won’t lose focus,” she declared.



The Crowd Increases - Hundreds Of People Turn Out For The Final Day Of Champs 101

By Kimesha Walters 

The final day of Champs 101 is already generating excitement both inside and outside the stadium. The line of people marching towards the National Stadium tells that something interesting will be taking place today.

The number of vendors outside the stadium has increased, and so has the wares. Whistles, horns, school ties and rags are among some of the items that are and other items are in abundance and the vendors make sure people are aware of what they are selling.

“Support yuh school wid a wave” shouted one woman who was selling handkerchiefs. “If yuh nuh hav a horn yuh nah say nutten” exclaimed another vendor as he waved some horns frantically in the air.

Inside the Stadium, here on Day Four, the bleachers stands already has more people than the three days combined.  

Excitement Builds- Horns Increase The Thrill

By Kimesha Walters

From Mountain View Avenue, the sound of the vuvuzelas is ringing out loud and clear. The other surrounding areas of the National Stadium are sounding as excited spectators show the thrills at the performances of the athletes.

From a distance the explosive sounds of the horns are ringing, sending adrenalin rushing , even as the crowd gathered at the stadium can only move with baby steps.

GraceKennedy is issuing the vuvuzelas to keep the crowd roaring for their favourite athletes. And, the lucky ones who get them are making sure that those who don’t feel envious. 


More Intensity Expected at The Final Day of Champs 101

More Intensity Expected at The Final Day of Champs 101 The penultimate day of Champs 101 ended on a high note, as spectators welcomed the winners with several standing ovations.

Jazeel Murphy won the coveted 100m Class One title when rocketed his way to a 10.48 finish, ahead of Andrew Fisher of St. Elizabeth Technical High School, who clocked 10.50, and Munro College's Delano Williams, 10.55. The crowd could not remain in their seat, and, as if they were they were the ones running, some paced, some rubbed hands in high anticipation, while some just focused on the track. In the end they witnessed one of the most intense races.

The excitement was similar when the Class Three finals started, and ended in a well executed delivery. Calabar's Michael O'Hara won with 11.15seconds on the clock and celebrated a victory which he had anticipated from the moment he qualified for the finals. Rashaad Saunderson of Kingston College had to settle for second with a time of 11.18, and Raheem Chambers of St. Jago came third with 11.20.

Alec-Verne Longmore of Jamaica College won the Class Two boys' shot put with 15.45m, as Edwin Allen's Demar Gayle scored 14.38m to take second, and Lennon's Orega Welch, took third place with 14.19m.


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