Friday, January 19, 2018
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Edwin Allen Girls Broke Records and Dominated the Penultimate Day of Champs

Girl’s Champs Winner will be determined by Today’s Activities

Edwin Allen’s Ristananna Tracey dominated the tracks she broke Melaine Walker's 2001 record of 56.55 in the GraceKennedy sponsored 400m hurdles. The Clarendonian bolted across the finish line in 55.81seconds backed by sensational sheers from the crowd.

The Frankfield girls were in serious game yesterday as two other athletes from Edwin Allen High, Marleena Eubanks and Carla Thompson copped first and second place in the 1500m Class Two. Eubanks is no stranger to the 1500m gold as she was victorious in the event in Class Three last year. This time however, she clocked 4:41.74, while Thompson made a 4:46.67 finish to get the silver. Shevel McDonald of St. Jago took the bronze when she pummeled her way to a 4:52.06 finish.

Paul-Ann Gayle, also of Edwin Allen followed closely in her teammates footstep when she threw her way to 39.55 to gain first place in the Class Three discus, and erase Peta Gaye Beckford's 2002 record 38.70m, which was set in 2002. Her competitors, Vere Technical’s Shadae Lawrence and Holmwood's Ornella Livingston had to settle for second and third with 36.73m and 34.74m respectively.

Tara-Sue Barnett took the gold in the Class Two with a throw of 40.34m, ahead of St Jago's Kellion Knibb and Shannique Waite who rocked 46m and 38.65m to take second and third place.

As the time edges closer for today’s finals, all eyes will be on the top scorers. Will they be able to maintain their lead? Will they overthrow Holmwood Technical who is going for the ninth title in a row?

who is going for the ninth title in a row?


Murphy Wins 100m Finals

By Kimesha Walters

As expected, crowd favourite Jazeel Murphy of Brigdeport High took gold in the finals of the Class One 100m dash with an incredible burst of speed that teased the spectators from the moment his name was announced.

It was a nailbiting race which had spectators on their feet from the moment the starting gun was fired, and there was an eruption of celebration as Murphy crossed the finishing line.

He came out on top with a 10.48 finish, ahead of Andrew Fisher of St. Elizabeth Technical High School, who clocked 10.50.



Calabar’s Michael O’Hara Makes 100m Class Three Finals

By Kimesha Walters

Last year Michael O’Hara did not medal at Champs 100. In fact, he placed fifth in the 100m hurdles- the only event he entered.

Disappointed, he went back to the drawing board, and figured that since he is at Champs, why not extend his abilities to other races?

With that, the youngster rebounded this year as he rocketed through the Champs qualifiers with a season’s best of 11.43.

“I feel great,” said a smiling O’Hara after the race which sealed his place in the finals of the 100m Class Three finals.

He said he trained hard and he is intent on keeping the focus so that he can reap the benefits.  Meanwhile, O’Hara has his eyes on his competitor Rashaad Saunderson, a student of Kingston College, and one whom he believes is a threat to his victory. 


Fowler Takes Gold in Long Jump

By Kimesha Walters

While long jump is not his favourite event, 14 year old Jevaughn Fowler of Calabar has made the best of the event and his competitors at Champs 101.

Fowler who started long jump in January of this year said he does not regret a minute of the time he took to train. After all, it has paid off, despite the close call on Day Two of Champs.

“It was a bit difficult because I had a 400m at the start of the long jump,” said Fowler. However, he did not allow that challenge to blur his focus. “The long jump was good, I enjoyed it.”

He placed first with a jump of 6.47m, ahead of his competitors Kevonn Nichols of St. Elizabeth Technical High School, 6.37m, and Jaheel Hyde of Wolmers’ Boys who jumped 6.26m. 


Hoping That Her strength Will Be Enough

By Kimesha Walters

Antonika Drummond is convinced that her strength will set her apart from her competitors when steps into the finals of the Class Three 400m dash later today.

The 15 year old student of Holmwood Technical High said she was in the top three at several meets in the events leading up to Champs.

Her semi-final race was no easy feat, but she managed to win her heat. Nonetheless, Drummond shared her feelings about being the finals “It was hard, but I am glad that I made it.”



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