Friday, January 19, 2018
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Champs mascot entertains spectators

By Kimesha Walters

Champsy, the 2011 Champs mascot is entertaining the crowd in the break from the events.

Decked in a yellow costume which complemented by the Champs logo on the front of his shirt, green and black stripe, he obviously is on a journey to entertain.

As he strides through the grandstand, Champsy uses sign language, unusual poses, among other antics to get the attention of the crowd.

Inevitably, those watching smile, and occasionally, a loud laugh is heard. Sometimes there is an outburst as several people watching get consumed by the eye-catching gimmicks.

At one point, he gracefully escorted a woman down the stairs, patiently waiting for her to climb down each step.

Later on, he started a lone warm-up session, on the track, an activity that elicited giggles, laughter and a few raised eyebrows. That was followed by a 100m sprint, giving the impression that he was pulling all the stops to beat his imaginary competitors, much to the amusement of the spectators.

Caught up in the action, Champsy later extended a hand to a woman who was eating peanuts. She was generous enough to give him some, probably because she was curious about how he would get it in his mouth since he was wearing a costume.

Not surprisingly, when Champsy started to eat, all the peanuts fell to the ground!



Temperature change at the National Stadium

By Kimesha Walters

Dark skies with ominous clouds, a misty backdrop, and huge shadows over the National Stadium, Long Mountain Range and the surrounding areas- That’s the new atmosphere after a rather sunny morning here in Kingston.

The wind is chilly, not a heavy as yesterday, and it gives the skin a warm caress. 

While some might be fearful that it might rain, the bleachers fans who are sprinkled across the stands might be enjoying the shade after a hot Day Two at Champs.

For officials, athletes and workers who have to walk the grounds of Stadium, it will also be a welcome change in temperature.  


Traves Smikle Set To Take Gold In Class One Discus

By Kimesha Walters

The discus finals are now underway at Champs 101, where athletes are competing for the top spot in the event.

Yesterday, Traves Smikle of Calabar High led the pack after scoring 66.88, shattering his own national junior record and etching his name in history, as the throw was the fourth best in the history of the event.

His competitors will be seeking to upset him, but they have a lot of work to do. Smikle and his former teammate Chad Wright put on a nail-biting battle in the Discus event last year, and had spectators on their feet, screaming and shouting on the top of their voices as several throws from the two athletes moved the event record.

Wright had the final say in the event last year as he heaved 58.6m.

But he has moved on from Champs and Smikle is once again set to prove his abilities of awing the spectators. 


Pantry Leads Boys Steeplechase Open--- Winner will be crowned today

By Kimesha Walters

Sanjay Pantry of St. Jago High School has dominated the steeplechase thus far, and is working hard to win the event today ahead of his competitors.

The Steeplechase is a new event at Champs, and Pantry was the fastest athlete in yesterday’s preliminies with a time of 6:27.89, a new Champs record.

Forty athletes entered the competition but only 32 completed the course. Today only the top 12 will be competing for medals.

 At approximately 8:40pm, a champion will be named.

Pantry will face the likes of his teammate Webster Chung who was the second fastest yesterday with 6:33.24, Bejaun Jones and Aaron Lee of Jamaica College who scored 6:37.58 and 6:31.27respectively.


Vendors cook up a storm

By Kimesha Walters 

The aroma of soup and corn floated through the air, bringing fond memories of the traditional Jamaican Saturday evening meal, as the vendors prepared themselves for the anticipated crowd that will witness Day Three of Champs 101.

There is nostalgia, and if you have ever experienced that scent which filled your stomach even before you put a spoonful of the delicious meal to your mouth, you should know the feeling.

Some vendors were busy attending to pots, as the steam gradually drifted above it and the scent diffused into the air.

Under the neatly laid tents, each vendor was busy packing, unpacking, shelving and sorting a myriad of products so they can be positioned to attract customers.

The soup however, needs no grand display, because as you enter the main gate to the grounds of the National Stadium you will notice why.


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