Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Can’t stay away – Jamaican retiree returns to champs

Denys  Williams migrated to America in 1965, and when he retired in 2006, he decided that this was his opportunity to travel once again to his homeland.

Born and raised in Mona Heights in Kingston, the former Calabar student has been returning to watch his team compete at Champs every year since 2007.

“Retiring has given me an opportunity to do traveling at my own discretion,” commented Williams, who was decked in a green Calabar t-shirt.

He said he is not proud of Calabar’s performance this year, however that will not dampen his spirit. “I’m having a great time, he said, Champs is just unbelievable!


Edwin Allen high jumper wins gold

Onessa Patten signed up for only one event at Champs 101, and with all her energies channeled into the class three high jump, she made her way to the gold.

“It was very competitive and the jumps were difficult, said Patten. But she managed to even surprised herself in the end. “I predicted third or second but I didn’t expect to win.”

Last year Patten participated in Champs first time but she did not make the top eight, so the victory this year is a welcome one.

A resident of Desire in Clarendon, Patten said she admires and emulates her team mates Ristananna Tracey and Kimberly Williams.


"I didn’t like track” - One of the fastest boys in the West speaks of his change of heart

By Kimesha Walters

Gawain Williams did not like track and field, in fact he hated it.  When his physical education teacher picked him to join the track and field team at Herbert Morrison Technical, he could not understand why.

But the teacher persuaded him, telling him to work hard and he will reap the benefits.

Seeing his successes so far, 15 year old Williams is beaming with pride. “It feels really good. I didn’t see track and field as my thing, but I regret nothing.”

The youngster who hails from Hopewell in Hanover said he is a music lover and he plays the alto saxophone at his school.  However, he has been making strides in track and field. He currently rated as the fastest boy in his age group in the West, and he has qualified for both the 100m and 200m dash in class two.


Birthday ‘Present’ for Edwin Allen’s Dejah Stewart

By Kimesha Walters

This is her fifth year at champs, but 15 year old Dejah Stewart has never medalled. Today, after completing the 100m dash, she qualified for all three events that she will be participating in.

Though this is the first step towards winning  a medal in the 100m, 200m or 4x100 relay, Stewart  who celebrates her birthday today is proud of her newest present.  “The race was quite good,” she commented as she strolled along the track.

“The closest I came to a medal was about three years ago when I came third in the 100m.”

Stewart has constantly been in the top eight leading up to Champs, so she is hoping for a change of luck.  She said her biggest challenge is going through the rounds and she is yet to figure out the solution to the problem.

Alongside her teammate Paula Pinnock, Stewart hopes Champs 101 will be a memorable one.


400m champion poised to defend his title despite injury

By Kimesha Walters

Sixteen year old Lennox Williams of Manchester High took home the gold medal for the 400m Class three last year, and has returned to Champs to repeat a similar victory.

As part of the journey to the finals, Williams breezed through the class two qualifiers to secure his place in the next round of the event. “The race was quite easy, I followed by coach’s instruction and go out there and qualify,” commented Williams after the race.

He said he received a silver medal for the 400m in 2009, but he was not satisfied so he devised a strategy for a comeback. “I went back to the drawing board, trained hard and kept a keen eye on the competition to get back at them,” he revealed.

So said, so done, and Williams received the gold medal in 2010.  “I felt very delighted because it was my first,” he commented.  Despite an early season mid shin injury this year, Williams remains upbeat about his prospects for defending his title.


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