Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Watching every Champs over two decades

Can you imagine attending every staging of the Champs since 1983? Better yet, can you imagine attending every day of the four day event since that time?

Well, Gregory Spalding, former student of Kingston College can attest to both, except for the fact that he missed a single day in 1987.

When asked if he was sure, he meticulously counted the years, pointing to a finger as he repeated the results of each year.

So why did he miss a day if he has been so dedicated? “KC had one of their worst Champs  that year, so I didn’t go back the Saturday,” he said of the final day of the  Boys’ and Girls’ Championships.

Spalding said he never competed for his alma mater but he was always supportive of the team since he started the school in 1983.  “Wherever I am working I always give ample notice that I need the time off,” he said. 


Seaforth High qualifies for Boys’ 400m

By Kimesha Walters

Javere Bell of Seaforth High has joined the list of qualifiers at Day two of Champs 101. Bell cruised to a comfortable 48.28 win in heat one of the 400m dash for class one boys ahead  of Christopher Regent of Tacius Golding High ,who clocked 48.29 .

Bell is a favourite for the event, but he is set to face tough opposition from Waynee Hyman of Munro College and Travane Morrison of Kingston College.

However, Bell has shown great determination since placing fourth in the event last year. In the events leading up to Champs, he clocked a season’s best of 46.91, while Hyman and Morrison recorded 47.26 and 48.89 respectively.



New tents for Champs vendors

By Kimesha Walters

One look at the vendors who peddle their wares near the main entrance to the grounds of the National Stadium will tell that there is some uniformity to their surroundings.

Unlike last year when they had to work under the heat of the Kingston sun, the vendors now have a roof over their head-  15 tents labeled by GraceKennedy.

In a bid to attract customers they display products like Grace Tropical Rhythms, Chillin, Grace Coconut Water – the liquids which can keep spectators hydrated throughout the day.

Suzette Martin, a vendor who has been selling snacks, soup, corn and juice at Champs for 15 years expressed satisfaction with the new tents. She revealed that vendors always used makeshift tents at previous events. “They look more unified and organized,” she said.   


Activities increase - Day two of Champs 101

Activities increase - Day two of Champs 101

The National Stadium is alive with activity as the second day of Champs 101 increases momentum. Cheers erupt from the grandstand as the races culminate and the spectators blow whistles and erupt in excited screams.

The bleachers are also trickling in, but they are yet to build up the excitement and fervor they are known to bring to Champs when they cheer for their favorite athletes.

Armed with sunglasses, caps, rags, water and various Grace drinks, the spectators seem ready for the day's activities.


Ristananna Tracey - doing her best to ensure Edwin Allen wins Girls' Champs

Ristananna Tracey - doing her best to ensure Edwin Allen wins Girls' Champs

By Kimesha Walters

Ristananna Tracey of Edwin Allen High School has breezed through her heat in the 400m hurdles to seal her place in the finals event.

"It was pretty easy I just came out here to do enough to qualify," she said. Now that she has qualified for the 400m, Tracey now has her mind set on the 800m and the 4 x 400m relay.

Ristananna and her sister Nikita Tracey dominated the events they entered last year, with Nikita winning the 400m hurdles while her little sister placed second. Now that Nikita is away at college, she is set for the gold.

Eighteen year old Ristananna shared her view on what inspires her to keep fit and give optimum performance on the track. "I am motivated to do athletics because of the experience I get and  there are rewards financially and otherwise, and knowing that my team is depending on me to do my best."

Added to that, she revealed that she wants Edwin Allen to take home the title for the Girls' Championships, and she will be doing her best to ensure that the dream becomes a reality.


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